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Online Learninig

We have introduced e- learning system, Where students will be able to get online education through their home computers Cell Phone.

Expert Teachers

Most experienced teachers will share their skills to new minds using our e-learning system.

Online Classrooms

We provide best environment through e-learning system to our students. We secure your child from this pandemic situation.

About Us

Knowledge Inn Education System has introduced online School Management System and taken big step in the world of technology to serve as an incredibly powerful tool to educate and shape young minds of Sindh Province.

Where teachers may not be physically present due to this pandemic situation but they communicate with their students through developed software tools, and can thus still can invest in their student’s lives. The main advantage of Knowledge Inn Education System is introducing online School Management System is the availability of teachers, which can help establish trust between teacher and student., as students and teachers are able to interact through video-chatting streaming, online real-time chatting system.

  • Variety of Courses.
  • Lower total costs and packages
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Improve your technical skills.
  • Comfortable learning environment.
  • Be confident,bold and improve your languages






Modern Lab



Our paramount faculty

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Mr Suhail Ahmed Soomro


Mr Suhail Ahmed Soomro is a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students. He is M.A. English from UoS having 20 years experience of teaching English at school, college and university level. Presently, he is working as an English tutor at Isra University Hyderabad..

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Mr Abdul Qadeer Qureshi


Mr Abdul Qadeer Qureshi has proved himself as an educationist in the field of Biology. Mr Qureshi has spent 23 Years of his life for providing the quality of the education in the province and He Provided best seeds to the Nation. Now those seeds are grown in the shape of trees. Besides, that Mr Qureshi is playing a massive role, providing quality of education for young minds.


Sanjay Kumar

Science Teacher

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Aadil Ali

English Teacher

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